planningness twenty twelve

Photo credit: Beyond Hollywood

planningness ‘get excited and make things’, is something that I’ve known of for some time now and on a whim (thanks to my very accommodating employers) I decided to jump on a plane last week and attend. This year it was held at the Annenberg Community Beach House, Santa Monica Los Angeles. The site describes it as an “un-conference for creative thinkers who want to get their hands dirty. Unlike other conferences, speakers don’t just talk at you, they teach you how to do things. That’s why each of our sessions has the words ‘how to’ in the title, as well as a workshop component where you get to put what you have just heard into action.”

The two days were divided into ‘two tracks’ and you had to pick your topics beforehand. Literally (yes, literally) ten minutes before I left for the airport I chose the following:

  1. Sharon Ann Lee on how to understand and analyse cultural trends
  2. Rob Perkins on how to scratch an itch
  3. Craig LaRosa on how to design a service
  4. Guthrie Dolan & David Bliss on how to get intimate with the Internet of Things
  5. Sinan Aral on how to measure influence in social media networks
  6. Dr Andreas Weigend on how to leverage social data
  7. Fran Hazeldine & Pelle Sjoenell on how to navigate the creative / planner relationship
  8. Brad Haugen on how to create celebrity

I’m going to share my thoughts, notes, observations and anything I can pillage from the web over the next couple of days, but thought I’d start with some main points that have stuck:

– Some big, macro trends that are still flourishing in the western world are: the creative expression movement, design your own success and the influx of mummy porn (yes).

– Live like a tourist everyday.

– Invent experiences based on unmet needs.

– Deliver in beta. We need to be as agile as the world around us.

– Social + commerce.

–  Influence is not always as it seems.

– Our bodies + data.

– Planners + creatives – we want to be more like each other.

– Follow Luke’s Lobster.


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