how to navigate the creative / planner relationship

Photo credit: Avax News

Fran Hazeldine and Pelle Sjoenell both work at BBH LA and about ten days before planningness they uploaded this survey to the BBH Labs site. The duo hoped to find answers to these chin stroking, much debated and perplexing questions:

What do planners and creatives really value in one another? How can they best work together in a modern agency setup? Do similar or opposite styles attract? Does gender, nationality or experience make a difference? Has digital changed the relationship? Is it still a two-way dynamic or are planning and creative duties shared between more diverse teams?

It was a really entertaining session and as it was the second-to-last act on the last day, I failed to take many notes. Something that did stick was that both camps want each other to be more like one another. So, we want to see more mirror images and less yin and yang. Once the guys upload the results of the survey, I will elaborate more. Guys, get sharing! Share the love!

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with the exercise that we were asked to do. That is, think about the really meaningful experiences you’ve had with a creative (if you’re a planner) and a planner (if you’re a creative). What made them so?


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