how to create celebrity

Photo credit: Funny Web Park

To be honest with you, I didn’t expect Brad Haugen to be very frank or forthright. I expected a script, PR army and a wire connected with Bieber HQ. This is because Brad’s Justin ‘the bieb’ Bieber’s social media manager and 2IC to thee Scooter. As an aside, if you don’t know who Scotter is, you need to watch Never Say Never. Seriously, you do. Anyway, what we actually got was a funny, frank, down-to-earth guy who’s all about the bieb. As he was so open and forthcoming with information, I feel like blogging what he said wouldn’t be that cool. But, I will share this. They invest a lot of time in to tapping into the fans and it’s clearly working. Brad’s in daily contact with the equivalent to online panels, which they clear with the parents, (yes, it does seem a little creepy at first). If something isn’t gelling with the fans, for example a bad photo they act straight away and the ability to be agile seems to be working.

I’ll leave you with some Bieber fan art. Oh, and shout outs to any Beliebers reading this.


Photo credit: katarama411


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