back with a post on procrastination


After an extended break (of half a year, but whatevs), The Service Depot is back. Not in black, actually you will notice in a shade of hot pink. This also just so happens to be the shade of polish that’s currently on my toes. Anyway, today we shall be discussing something that’s been on my mind for a while now and I’d love to get your read on it, especially how you do it at your place.

As a creative person (BTW not currently a Creative n.), I constantly fight with my inner procrastinator. No, this isn’t the classic high school brand of procrastination, where you substitute your assignment with an episode of whatever is a la mode. This is the kind where (despite your best intentions) you think, dream and think some more; then do the screaming things and then leave what you really wanted to be working on until the last minute. Most of the time this works out, but you’re always left with a feeling of ‘if only I’d started on it earlier’. One of the worst feelings you can feel in your creative work.

I get the feeling that I’m not alone here in my plight and potentially procrastination is quite prolific. My hunch tells me that give a Creative two weeks, he will probably take two days. The last two days available.

72andSunny have tackled this issue head on with their Work Wall. They give creatives and strategists alike 48 hours to get stuff up and once it’s up it’s fair game for comments, but more importantly iteration. Failing fast in action.

Have you developed something similar at your shop? Do you think the Work Wall is a good way to work?



  1. shoppingmystery

    procrastination is frustratinating, but I try to remember that if it’s a thinking problem, I might be subconsciously working on it

  2. shoppingmystery

    also sometimes it’s good to take off the pressure of creating something ‘great’ and just make anything at all

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