the monday dispatch from the depot


(Why this picture? It’s my favourite picture from my Instagram feed the previous week)

I’m a sucker for lists and it seems other people are too. My job sees me creating lots of different lists throughout the week and in an attempt to make one GIANT list, here’s The Monday Dispatch. A MEGA list of the top ten AWESOME things I found on the Internet. Stand by, shit’s about to get heavy.

CONNECTING WITH ‘REAL’, ‘LOCAL’ AND ‘LOW-FI’: Super(Duper)Market in New York City is an annual pop up store – essentially a miniature grocery store selling artisanal food products from ‘indie’ entrepreneurs and chefs. It’s an idea that’s not limited to cuisine. “It’s about things that are real,” said fashion designer Maria Cornejo. “The less things have to travel, whether it’s clothing or food, the better.” More and more people are looking for and connecting with ‘real’.

A SUPERMARKET GIVES COMMUNITY SPACE: The UK supermarket chain Tesco has announced it is building a dedicated community room in its new store that will be made available for locals to reserve for free. Starting with the new Tesco Extra in Watford, the room will be made available for events like yoga classes and music lessons.

LIKE THE FOOD NETWORK, BUT SOCIAL: The new-wave video network Tastemade consists of video programing with over 100 food channels. The original content is shot in-house, in their own studios including ‘Brooklyn Kitchens’ and also connects users to further user-generated content, such as cooking and travel shows via YouTube and other channels.

AMAZON (KIND OF) DEMOCRATISES HIGH ART: You can now buy original and limited edition works of art from more than 150 prominent galleries and dealers via Amazon Art. Essentially, they’ve curated a list and put it all in one online place. The price stays the same, but by moving them to the Amazon marketplace it makes it seem more accessible. Somehow.

THEE BEST MOMENT OF PEOPLE’S LIVES: Sports Illustrated writer Richard Deitsch recently asked his Twitter followers to submit a photo the best moment of their lives. It all comes back to us humans sharing an emotional connection.

JAY Z (KIND OF) MEETS PICASSO: I love everything about this film/music video for Jay Z’s Picasso Baby (including the fact that the entire Girls cast made an appearance). Chucking two worlds together in one giant mash-up.

SPIKE JONZE, HER: MAN ❤ MACHINE: I can’t wait to see this film. I’m sure it will be creepy, but creepy-fascinating. Here’s the trailer.

G.E. HOSTS A SCIENCE FAIR ON VINE: Their campaign #6SecondScience Fair invites people to create Vines clips showing ‘the miracles of science’. GE will be retweeting and sharing the best clips, with a curated gallery on a dedicated Tumblr.

WHEN THE SUPERMARKET MEETS THE FARM: The UK supermarket Waitrose opened its first farm supermarket shop last week, selling the produce grown on its 4,000-acre farm estate in Hampshire. Methinks this is a taste of things to come.

VITAL SIGNS MORPH INTO MUSIC: BioBeats is a startup app that swaps your vital signs into tailored music to keep you meditating, running or even fighting a disease.


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