259 words on Cindy Gallop


(Pretty much the best day ever). 

Porn, the under-representation of women in advertising, blowing up the old world order and getting corporates to put their money where their mouth is. You could be forgiven for thinking Cindy Gallop traded on shock tactics and fad as a means to forge an audience, but you would be wrong.

Gallop is every part the bona fide real deal; articulate, irrefutable, fierce and gracious, she had Droga5 seduced for just shy of two hours last week. What stuck was her energy for what she frankly brands “repurposing common sense” and her doctrine on what she calls the ‘new world order’, or simply what doing business is all about in 2013.

She reduced it down into an easy-to-remember and simple to use formula for corporate social responsibility: shared values + shared action = shared profit (financial + social). It doesn’t need to just be lip service, or a token paragraph in an annual report, it can be a real driver for business, both client and agency side.

Possibly, the highlight of her conversation was sharing all the messy startup details on her pet project Make Love, Not Porn. It’s a project that’s received overwhelmingly positive support across the board yet was near on impossible to secure a payment system because of risk aversion, or ‘old world thinking’.

Conversely, Gallop operates on the belief that “the more you share an idea, the better it gets” and it’s this openness, transparency and keenness for collaboration that we could all learn a thing or two from, be it as humans, or in business.


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