the seven basic creative strategies*


* in homage, but not related to this book. If you have no money for jazz hands and you find yourself fresh out of ideas, these common garden-variety, seven basic strategies may help you out of a bind. 


  1. A LITTLE BIT FANCY: Just that little bit better than your average. Treat yourself. FAVOURED BY: FMCG, retail. 
  2. THE GOOD OLDE, HONEST, DOWN-TO-EARTH, NO BULLSHIT: Harking back to a simpler time and tapping into the powerful emotion of nostalgia. In Australia, this may or may not extend to ‘mateship’. FAVOURED BY: FMCG, retail.  
  3. CREATE A CAUSE! CREATE A MOVEMENT! Be sure to tell your friends, share and like. FAVOURED BY: FMCG, retail, or any brand in 2012. 
  4. WE’RE NOT LIKE THE REST, NEITHER ARE YOU: Don’t worry, we get you. They don’t. FAVOURED BY: Banks.
  5. WE GO FURTHER/BIGGER/FASTER/STRONGER: Bettererer than the market leader. FAVOURED BY: Self-confessed challenger brands. 
  6. FOR THE THINKING MAN, OR RESTLESS MAN: You’re discerning and you know it. FAVOURED BY: Craft bands, alcohol and cars. 
  7. FOR TODAY’S WOMAN, LET’S FACE IT OTHER BRANDS/PRODUCTS DON’T GET YOU: We do. FAVOURED BY: Challenger beauty products for women. 

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