some things I learned from this years’ KPCB Internet trends report

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 6.53.31 pm

Every year KPCB release their Internet trends report and every year it’s full of surprising and not-so-surprising nuggets. It has a US focus, but has a lot of global stats. Here’s some things I found interesting:

+ The advertising and media industries are still spending too much money on print (time spent v ad spend). p15

+ Global ‘over-the-top messaging’ (messaging that isn’t SMS) has reached more than 1 billion users in less than 5 years. p36

+ More than 47% of online transactions use ‘free shipping’, v 35% five years ago. It’s suggested that potentially same day, local delivery is the next big thing. p49

+ 1.8B+ photos are uploaded and shared per day. Snapchat, WhatsApp and Facebook are the heavy hitters. p62

+ Some interesting side-by-sides on re-imaging user interfaces: Yellow Pages v’s Yelp, booking a hotel room v’s Airbnb, hailing a cab v’s Uber, driving in traffic v’s Waze, TV remote control v Amazon Fire TV.

+ By far, TV + Twitter boosts ad impact (ad recall, brand favourability, purchase intent). p118


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