the internet at your place – affixed to your fruit bowl, bonded to your bag of potatoes


The Internet of Things is term that’s been kicking around for a while now. Basically, it means making objects smarter by connecting them in some way to the www. That’s right, taking them outside the confuser (erm, computer. Thanks Sam Chapman) and making them work harder for us. My favourite friends at PSFK and their new buds Intel have recently put together a report on all things ‘object meets pixel’. Three macro trends are pointed out, with a bunch of sub-themes:


+ Shared awareness

+ Programmable lifestyle

+ Open source access


+ Behavioural nudge

+ Emotional response

+ Contextual experience

+ Adaptive machines


+ Distributed intelligence

+ Environmental whisper

+ Anticipated action

Here’s the link to the SlideShare preso to explore the themes in detail. Enjoy!


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