FemFriday Issue No.9, The Gina and Brooke Edition




In case of emergency, break glass ceilings. 

Our honourable guest this week is the mighty Cindy Gallop (hi Cindy!), new friend of FemFriday, whose Make Love Not Porn venture I talked about in the Sexxx issue. #boss.

This week, Women Against Feminism is a thing, and is gaining traction. Forgive Brooke if she gets a little passionate here, but in case you hadn’t noticed, that’s just how she roll. 

Women, primarily under 25, are getting vocal against a movement that has fought tooth and nail to give them a voice. Women are dismantling their freedom, but claiming their freedom as their primary reason to do so. Women are getting busy dismantling the wrong house, with the tools that feminism is trying to uphold. 

It’s our view that feminism has a perception problem. There’s confusion among the ranks as to what it stands for, fights for and is here to accomplish. Perhaps the feminist brand needs to be redefined for a modern time that talks to women <25. The Women Against Feminism group clearly think it’s an exclusive club that’s radical and aggressive. It’s our view that feminism could represent to them all inclusivity (pro-gender) and be a positive force for good, with equality at its heart.

Perhaps the only way that’s going to happen is if we all contribute. Positively. With equal parts intelligence and action. In Cindy’s words, “be a force for change”. Yes, you. Start today. Start now. And, if you’re a boss, hire more strong and talented women.  

Keep it foolish. Stay wild.





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