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how to design a service

Craig LaRosa‘s session on designing services was mainly concerned with the customer journey and how to design around it, of course for the better. Ever since White Star Lines had service in steerage, everyone’s been doing it. But, perhaps not always well. Craig works for  LA’s Continuum, where they design services, brand experiences and products. Essentially, linking up services, products, touchpoints and communications.

The task we were asked to do was watch a short ethnography video showing a guy going from exiting the airport door, to getting on to the Hertz rental car shuttle and exiting to his car. Or, navigation, waiting, embark & load, ride, disembark & unload and navigation. We had to write down what we observed, so the agents, the props, the setting and the process. From there, we had to write down all the various things that could be improved from Hertz’s perspective. So, the ideal customer experience.

It was a useful exercise to go through and one that could be the most useful when creating inventive ideas.