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Australians are beginning to talk…

…about suicide, specifically male suicide. It’s not an easy conversation to have and it’s one that most Australians avoid. Most people have no idea that suicide is the leading cause of death for males aged 15 to 24. Nor, do they know how to talk to a mate when they, or their mate needs help. Most Australian men have been bought up with the simple notion that boys don’t cry and they’re constantly being told to “harden the fck up.”

The social good collective Soften The Fck Up aims to dispel this notion and ultimately get make suicides down to zero. They’re avoidable deaths and it’s time that Australians stop avoiding the issue. It’s real, it’s out there and it needs to change.

The latest campaign which I assisted with called ‘Better if you’re around’ was released ten days ago and for a little campaign with zero budget it’s sure taking on a life of it’s own. So far we’ve had almost 9,000 views on YouTube, and unique’s to the website over the two week period have increased by just over 100% compared to the two weeks prior the campaign. We were really lucky to get huge support from Channel Ten’s Late News and the conversation’s been continuing on the Twittersphere ever since.

For some, depression and suicide can be ongoing or even lifelong battles, but for the vast majority, it’s a period where their coping strategy is temporarily overwhelmed. Not only is help and support critical for those suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts, but the timing of that help and support is even more critical. If we’re able to interrupt the process of suicide, a study showed there can be a 90% chance of ongoing survival. Although the research data is collected from both men and woman of all ages, it’s a strong message that that applies to me, because for many  suicide is due to stressful, or traumatic events. And we know that these are often highly avoidable suicide, because stress and traumatic events (given the right therapy or treatment, or intervention) can change lives. ‘Better if you’re around’ is about simply starting a conversation with your mates to interrupt the process of suicide.

If you want to donate to Soften The Fck Up, please do so at Pozzible.