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regent street pushes realtime offers

Over 100 retailers on LDN’s Regent Street are about to introduce ‘location aware’ tech called ‘beacon’ which uses Bluetooth. Cut the jargon, this basically means that shoppers will be able to access personalised offers through their smartphones. People will be able to download an app which delivers customised marketing content as they walk by stores. The upside for retailers is of course increased sales, but it also allows them to build data profiles of shoppers.
It marks stage 2.0 of a wider project for Regent Street, which aims to make it exist as an active entity outside the hours of bricks and mortar trade. Last March saw over 100 bricks and mortar band together to create 247 Regent Street Online, a site that encourages the shopping community to get involved and aggregates content from its various social media entities.
It’s part of a wider ‘trend’ by retailers to offer an ‘always on’ package of online, physical and mobile retailing.