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how about softening the fck up?

The team at Soften The Fck Up (yup, that’s me too) have been working feverishly interstate, across boarders and timezones to bring you the next installment in the STFU story. As we’re launching the film in a little over a week, so I can’t revel too much more than these stills. But, it gives you a little taste of what’s to come.

It’s a super important cause. You may not know, but in Australia suicide is the main cause of mortality for males aged 14 to 44. And in 2010, a quarter of all male deaths aged 15 to 40 were due to suicide.

When the film comes out next week, it would be AMAZING if you watched and shared. And, of course if you want to do more and donate to the cause, here’s a link to the STFU Pozzible page.